Down The Cheezehole - Wisconsin & Midwest Humor, Interviews & News

Episode 53 - Down The Cheezehole

November 9, 2021

The Wisconsin basement crew discusses a 1,200-year-old canoe lifted from Lake Mendota, a front-yard plane crash in Ashland, the undefeated Edgewood football team getting kicked out of the playoffs, an 11-year-old car thief in Madison, Minnesota passing a bill to switch to Daylight Saving Time permanently, protests over a teacher taping a mask to a student’s face in the Beloit School District, 13 places you need to visit to truly experience Wisconsin, and a guessing game of James J. Gallup’s criminal history, the La Crosse man who bear sprayed two Lincoln County officers last week! Please like, follow and comment! Watch the show on YouTube - Episode 53 Videocast


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