Down The Cheezehole - Wisconsin & Midwest Humor, Interviews & News

Episode 46 - Down The Cheezehole

September 21, 2021

The Wisconsin basement crew interviews Alex Zimprich, the Waunakee senior who scored a perfect 36 on his ACT test, plus zebras on the loose near Seymour, 79-year-old Tommy Thompson tearing his bicep in a water skiing accident, a chipmunk being blamed for a Madison car crash, Aaron Jones losing his father’s ashes in the end zone, a Samuel Adams beer illegal in 15 states, a female field goal kicker at Wisconsin Heights carrying on her mom’s legacy, Ryan Braun announcing his retirement from the Brewers, wild Google Reviews in Waunakee, Erik’s 36th birthday, and more! Please like, follow and comment! Watch the show on YouTube - Episode 46 Videocast


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