Down The Cheezehole - Wisconsin & Midwest Humor, Interviews & News

Episode 23 - Down The Cheezehole

April 15, 2021

The Wisconsin basement crew talks about the return of the 8-foot Osseo chicken statue, fishing with fire extinguishers on Lake Michigan, a Racine man charged with a testicle shooting, an insane quarter-million-dollar FedEx scam by a Weston man, a Brewers fan collecting more than 900 signed baseballs, a cow stuck in a New London porch, and more! Also featuring a guest interview with Coach Rick Wagner, the Assistant Athletic Director at Rasmussen University in Appleton, vying to become Barry Alvarez's replacement in Madison, as well as another round of "$5 at the General." Please like, follow and comment! Watch the show on YouTube - Episode 23 Videocast 


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